...one drop at a time.

SabinaWater.org began with a simple question….how can we help make a difference and bring clean water to those who need it?

Sabina has been making quality drinkware since the 1950's. Drinkware is only as good as what you put in it! More than 2.2 million people die each year from drinking unsafe water.

Starting in January 2011, we are partnering with the Hydraid® BioSand Water Filter. Hydraid has developed a point-of-use water filtration system that can provide clean water for a family of 8-10 people for a decade. There is very little maintenance and no parts that wear out. Whether water comes from a shallow well, a river or even a pond, the Hydraid filter can make that water safe to drink.

Clean, safe water means healthier families. Parents healthy enough to work. Kids healthy enough to play and to go to school. Clean, safe water can make a huge difference!